3D Nail Art Design

Nails are meant to be fun and we offer a variety of nail designs.  One of our popular options is the 3D Nail Art, perfect for anyone looking to make their nails POP!  


While an Acrylic manicure is well known in the nail world, Karmenjay brings a nice twist to it by free-styling any design you can think of. Come in with a creative idea or let Karmenjay take it away and create something similar to what’s pictured here… the options are endless!


Are you a timeless woman with class? The French Manicure is timeless and one you can never go wrong with! From gel to acrylic, Karmenjay will help achieve any classic look you’re after!

Press Ons

I CANT BELIEVE THEY’RE PRESS ONS! Do you like to switch it up often but still want a quality manicure? If so, press ons are the perfect option for you! What’s better? Karmenjay specializes in safe press on application and removal, prioritizing the protection of your nail bed at all cost!  Order yours TODAY… Click below to fill out the form & get started!

Gel Manicure

Calling all natural girls with those perfect nail beds that  simply need a gel coat to bring their naturally beautiful nails to life.  Simple yet chic, a  look that never goes out of style!

Coming Soon

Our Karmenjay lipstick collection will be launching January of 2022 .  This collection will contain a variety of premium lipstick shades bound to fit anyones complexion. Pre-order yours today!

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